One Of A Kind

So my cousin Danny is about ten years younger than I am and we are really close. By the time that I was able to drive, he was six and his brother was eight I used to pick them up and take them to cool places like the movies, bowling alley’s, fun parks and other such places.  We had the best of times, then as they got older they were too cool to hang out with me, they just wanted to hang out with their friends. I got it, it was cool, no hard feelings on my side here. Then we they were in college and after they graduated we starting hanging out more and more, well until Danny left for Illinois but I still hung out with my other cousin a lot.

We are all adults now with jobs and real responsibilities but are still real close.  I have many one of a kind pieces from Danny, some that he has just made for me on his own and some that I have asked him to make for me.  He made me a ring, it was made of silver with a thin band but he folded the metal into a triangle and that was the focal point of the ring. I had bought cuff links that were a working compass and temperature gauge, I had Danny turn those into rings for me. These are my favorite thing that he as mad for me, they turned out so well and I got compliments on them every time.

One of my diamonds from my wedding ring fell out at my work and I was devastated, I work with my hands so once we got the diamond replaced I didn’t want to wear my ring to work anymore so I had Danny make me a plain silver band to wear.  My husband was in a bad accident many years ago and before he had surgery to replace his hip he walked with a limp, he was in pain whether he used a cane or not and he has a generic one that we bought from the store, just plain black. I had Danny make one out of wood and some type of metal, I am not sure what he used. My husband has two tattoos of stars on his hand and Danny used gold to make a star at the tip of the handle of the cane. I gave this to my husband for Christmas, he was blown away with how cool the cane was and then I told him that I had Danny make it for him and he literally cried a little. Since he has had surgery and has a new hip now he does not need the cane anymore but we have mounted it on the wall because it is truly an one of a kind art piece made. Below is a picture of the gold star part.

gold star

That’s it for now, I could go on and on about how wonderful Danny is but that will happen in the next post, thanks guys for checking this out, I hope you find yourself coming back!


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